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I’m at the benefit:

  • several degrees in the field of training and expertise.

  • a rich experience of almost 10 years thanks to a large number of student learners.

Worn by Éole "Parole de Fléole" is always in the wind of the topicality.

Did you know that many French words are borrowed and lent to foreign languages? These bridges between languages are a preferred way to achieve your goal. With Custom Flag Word courses, your interactions will quickly be effective.

Passionate about the field of training, I present my three components of communication facilitation:

  • Language course on company specific objective, levels A1-A2 B1- B2 C1-C2 oral/ written

  • Train the Trainer - Teaching Days – Workshops (Collaborative Workshops)

  • Expertise Standard examinations - Quality label

They are also the means to build with you a real baggage of knowledge.

"Alone, we go faster, together, we go further."

Apprendre le français avec Parole de fléole

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